Quality Policy

Quality is our Prime Concern

Our main objective is to provide excellent service. Because of our dedicated employees and stable infrastructure, we can maintain high-quality standards. We always use the best quality materials in our goods. In addition to the delivery, we include a Materials Test Certificate, which assures the quality of the material. Each product comes with test certifications.

Our definition of quality covers not only the lifetime and defect-free character of the product but also its usability and suitability for the objective for which it was acquired. We have implemented stringent quality control processes to assure exceptional quality and zero flaws. For our raw materials, we only use trusted and established vendors and quality is tested at all stages of production and distribution.

Quality Assurance at RH Alloys begins with understanding the client's needs and remains until the customer is completely satisfied with the products and services supplied. Quality Control processes are properly specified and meticulously carried out. RH Alloys is designed for a results-oriented working environment that meets the needs of customers in terms of cost, quality, and delivery. We aim for zero losses by improving the efficacy of people and industrial equipment. We also believe in the continuous development of the Quality Management System's performance via teamwork, training, and a focus on actions and results.

Quality Assurance

The quality assurance system is guided by values that promote our distinctive work environment, which includes respect, self-management, open communication, and innovation. Our Goals:

  • We strive to be the finest in our industry.
  • Our concern is about our clients.
  • We make every effort to keep our commitments.
  • We take the opportunity to act with honesty and fairness.
All of our departments adhere to a strict quality assurance system, and Total Quality Management is used to simplify and improve all of our standards and processes to attain a high level of efficiency. Constant efforts are being made to develop materials technology and equipment to provide the greatest quality goods at the most affordable prices.

Quality Control

We utilize extensive product testing techniques to ensure that our goods have exact dimensions and mechanical qualities. As part of our quality assurance system, each product is subjected to the following procedures and quality systems:

  • Material Management System.
  • System of Process Control.
  • Dimensional Control and Machining.
  • Certification and a Supplementary Examination.
  • Polishing and Development.